Chairman’s Message

I am delighted to introduce to you the new website of The National Bank; designed to ease your browsing to better learn about our various banking services and products, hence structured to meet the actual financial needs of the different economic sectors including retail, corporate, SMEs, investment services, treasury, and our digital banking services and solutions.

You may also browse our website to learn more about the bank's success story and accomplishments over the years, as we have been able to make qualitative hops in a relatively short time leading the Bank to becoming a prominent key player in the Palestinian banking industry. In parallel to this development, we also stress on our commitment to investing in our country and contributing to its construction and progress, whether through evolving our local national economy or through our active and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

We invest in digital technology and strive to further develop our online channels to meet the financial and banking needs of our customers, thus enabling them to manage their accounts remotely and accessing our services from wherever and whenever, without having to visit any of our branches. To keep pace with this vision, we have developed our website to allow customers to easily complete their banking transactions, ensuring the highest security standards are in place.

In order to meet our slogan "Confidently Forward", we shall continue to work towards attaining advancement and progress in our scope, adopt and apply best practices of corporate governance, local and international laws, and in return getting the full satisfaction of our customers. 

Your opinions and feedback are of interest to us; we believe that our website will be one of the prominent and constantly opened windows for you to communicating with us, through which we seek to match your aspirations with the services and products we provide.

Samir Zraiq
Chairman of the Board of Directors


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