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Our Terms & Privacy Policy

At the National Bank, we recognize that you trust us with your personal and financial information, and know that the privacy of this information is of the utmost importance. We want you to understand our Online Privacy Policy, which explain the types of information we collect from you through any of our digital channels (including TNB’s Internet Banking, Mobile Application, Website and Digital Contact Center), how we collect it, use it and share it, and our confidentiality practices and principles in a format that is easy to navigate, read and understand.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Digital Service Center through:

If we change the way we process and use your personal information, we will inform you right away by email and by updating our website.

Types of Information We Collect

We collect the following personal information to provide you with our financial services and keep your accounts and transactions safe and secure:

  • Information you provide on our forms, surveys, applications, website or similar fields:
    • Name, ID number, date of birth, home address, work address
    • Contact information such as telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address
    • Education and employment history
  • Your account details and transaction history with us, such as your:
    • Account balance 
    • Payment records
    • Credit card usage
    • Third party information (e.g.: governmental, regulatory or credit agencies)
  • Information about your financial status, like your personal wealth, assets and liabilities, proof of income and expenditure, credit and borrowing history 
  • Information on how you use your phone and what you give us permission to access on it
    • Your IP address or operating system
    • Your smart device’s information
    • Your geolocation coordinates
    • Your security authentication
    • Your mobile network
    • Website Visits
  • Information from social networks or online accounts, this means your online profile and social media activity

How and Why We Collect Your Information

Besides the information your share with us, we collect your personal and financial information when you request information, products or services from us, register on our applications, respond to our surveys, contact customer support or otherwise interact with us, examples:

  • When you sign a contract with us
  • When you open an account with us and / or apply to for a product or services
  • When we’re required by law to collect and process certain personal information about you
  • To keep our services customised to you and in alignment with your expectations, such as offer you the best products and services or make responsible decisions through data analysis, data matching and profiling 
  • Channels you use to bank with us such as ATMs, online and mobile banking, other mobile applications 

With Whom We Share Your Personal Information

It is important to know first and foremost that your personal information will not be shared without first obtaining your permission and detailing to you how and where the data will be used. The National Bank will not share your personal information beyond the following parties:

  • The National Bank staff, branches and subsidiaries;
  • Regulators;
  • External auditors;
  • Third party service providers;
  • Agents acting on behalf of The National Bank;
  • Third parties with authorized access to your information. Such parties are required to observe The National Bank’s confidentiality obligations

How We Keep Your Information Safe

 We pledge to treat your personal and financial information with extreme care and respect, and aim to always keep it safe and secure, especially with third parties that are authorized to act on our behalf.

The National Bank will never ask you to share:

  1. Your account details like user ID, password and memorable information;
  2. Tell us your PIN code, expiry date, CVV number which is the last 3 digits of the security code on the back of your card(s)
  3. Move money to a so-called secure, safe or holding account
  4. Move your money or ask you to transfer funds to a new sort cold and account number 

We’re always investing in new technologies to protect your money against fraud. We also want you to be safe and alert when it comes to scams and tricks. 

The Guidelines You Need to Know:

It is important to go through the following guidelines before using our mobile applications and online banking services. The guidelines explain your rights and responsibilities that govern your use of these applications and services:

  • Your Rights:
    • You can ask us to stop processing your personal and financial information if you don’t agree with the way we’re using it. We will stop processing our information unless it overrides with our legal obligations (it is important that you know if we stop processing your information, we may no longer be able to operate your account and provide you with our products and services)
    • You can make us correct your personal and financial information if it’s inaccurate
    • You can access the personal data we hold about you or get a copy of it
    • You can withdraw consent you’ve given us for your personal information any time
  • Your Responsibilities:
    • As The National Bank’s client, you authorize the bank to send the username, password and activation code for all of the electronic transactions via the digital communication channels like the internet, and email and the SMS via mobile according to the information saved in the bank’s systems and pertaining to you
    • The information you provide to the bank is true and accredited by the bank, including for example, your email address and mobile number. In case any mistakes were found later on in this information, you will bear the whole legal and financial responsibility which would ensue in case any financial transaction is conducted via these means
    • In the case that you change your information and/or requested a change in regards to the service and/or requested to reactivate the service, you shall immediately inform the bank by visiting the bank in person and updating this information or sending a written letter. In the case that you requested to stop the service and cannot attend to the bank’s branch, you authorize the bank to stop the service temporarily through the branch or communication center or the digital service and you agree to the validity of the audio recordings provided that you deliver a written notice within a week either by coming to the bank or by sending it by fax, and the request shall bear the accredited signature by the bank
    • In case you contact the bank’s information center, this will be considered a declaration to accept all the digital services provided from us and that after verifying your identity by the accredited methods used by the bank, and you may not raise any objections in regards to the invalidity of the provided services, and these audio recordings will be considered legal evidence to prove any arguments between the two parties
    • Your username and password are considered a signature and acknowledgement of your approval for executing any requests, services or orders of transactions. Therefore, you alone are responsible for all processes executed through digital channels. Any appeal over the fact that the passwords have been published or used by another party will not be accepted or acknowledged
    • Your username and passwords verify your identity. Therefore, you acknowledge that any transactions performed using your user name and password will be considered as performed by you and the bank will consider anyone using them as you. You shall be liable for all the transactions performed by your identification means
    • In case your token device, password and/or PIN and/or email is lost/stolen/damaged, you must report that to the bank as soon as possible, then deliver a written notice within 24 hours. You shall be liable for all amounts and/or instructions resulting from using token device, password or PIN pertaining to you until the end of the day when the bank receives a written notice duly from you
    • The service will be temporarily suspended in case of submitting wrong password thrice according to the type and the nature of the service and then you shall head to any of the bank’s branches to re-activate the service or follow other procedures as determined by the bank
    • You will create a user ID and password pertaining to you and shall keep them and not release them to anyone
    • You will use your smart phone to get banking services and you will be liable for any release and what would be resulted from releasing any information in regards to your account as a result of ad use of your mobile or installing any applications on your personal mobile
    • The application which was installed on your mobile pertains to your personal use and you are liable for any consequences of using the application by someone else
    • Any transactions which are done via this service are considered in force and you may not object to them
    • In the case that you request a cheque book(s) via the digital channels, the bank will study this request and in the case the bank agrees to issue the cheque book(s), thee cheque book(s) could be received from your branch. You simultaneously allow the bank to deduct any fees/commissions that the bank fixed for issuing cheque books
    • Your approval on these terms and conditions authorize the bank to inquire about you using the returned Cheques system for the services that demand this inquiry
    • You understand the risk of transfer from your account to other accounts, the transfer limits and that the transfer can be conducted only after entering your password. Any transfer through this service is valid and the transfer will be immediately conducted without referring to you
    • You are solely responsible for any transfer to another person’s accounts and for any obligations that may become due as a result of subscribing to the digital banking channels and using them, and you are solely responsible for all actions that are performed through digital banking channels. Therefore, you waive your right to ask the bank for any amounts that are transferred via digital banking channels and you waive your right to raise any objection to any performed transaction 
    • The bank is entitled to reject the transfer of any amount in case your account does not have enough balance at the time of the transaction and/or if the daily transfer limit is exceeded
    • If the transfer is between two accounts at The National Bank branches in Palestine, the transfer will occur on the same business day. The amount is deducted from your account on the day of the transaction and in accordance with the exchange rate on that day 
    • The bank grants digital banking services to companies’ accounts and/or joint accounts after all signatories of the company accounts and/or the joint accounts sign the subscription request form for digital services, then all of them signing a delegation form delegating one of them or another person to use the digital banking services. The username and password are considered equivalent to all of their joint, collaborated and combined signature. No appeal stating that the username and password have been published or used by any of the partners and/or the partners of joint accounts will be accepted
    • The National Bank uses a high level of encryption to protect the transactions and information from unauthorized access. The use of these levels of encryption may be illegal in some countries. You will be responsible to ensure that the use of this service is allowed according to the local law in the geographical area where you are. You will also be responsible for having and keeping any required means to access and use the service continuously (for instance, your mobile and tablet computer) and to take the security measures to your computer and smart phone to install anti-virus software
    • You acknowledge not to interfere or cause harm (or attempt to interfere to harm) to any ID or password for the banking services via the mobile phone or information or applications related to the service, and you will be legally liable about that
    • You undertake to indemnify, exempt and discharge The National Bank from all the suits, claims, requests, liabilities, looses, damages, costs and expenses whatever their nature that would result or that TNB would suffer or would ensue on us as a result of our acceptance to provide notifying SMS to you
    • You acknowledge that all the bank’s records and electronic records are valid and incontrovertible and binding proof and you cannot raise any objection or challenge them 
  • General Guidelines:
    • This Agreement is subject to and rule by the laws effective in the State of Palestine, hence any of its terms is subject to the judiciary specialization of the Palestinian courts
    • The personal terms and conditions of the banking services via internet are applied alongside the terms and conditions which are applied to the accounts
    • The National Bank may suspend the service at any time for any period of time after notifying you regarding that without providing any reasons, and you are not entitled to object to that, and no responsibility would ensue on the bank
    • Due to the open nature of the world wide web, The National Bank cannot guarantee the complete security of the transactions and information from illegal access or unauthorized access and the virus attacks and the intended other attacks from others for the sake to hack the security issues that are being applied 
    • The National Bank will not be liable about any consequences to any virus or any destructive issues that could badly affect your hardware devices, programs or instruments
    • Aside from the risk above, as a result of the unexpected communications via the network or cuts, delays might take place in sending the information and communication via the internet. Accordingly, your requests or transitions could not be executed within the expected timeframe
    • The National Bank will not be liable for any claim or responsibility about any failure to send the information to the client or any error in this information. TNB will not be liable for, in particular, any claim or responsibility about the consequences to any reason out of reasonable control of the bank including but not limited to: failure in the communication devices of the client to receive the information for any given reason or disrupt in the communication devices or mechanical disrupt or any other disrupts or damage or cut or not installing any of the devices in the right way, and there is no partnership between us and the communication companies that we determine as our agents or our representatives in this regard
    • The National Bank will not be liable for any losses resulting from: a. Disclosure of confidential information, b. Disclosure of information sent to the specified mobile phone in case this mobile phone was in the possession of someone else 
  • Important to Remember
    • Our Online Privacy Policy does not govern our privacy practices offline, or with respect to information that is not provided or collected through our digital services and platforms.
    • Our website (  contains a list of all The National Bank’s subsidiary and affiliate companies. Entities not listed as part of The National Bank framework and which claim through their websites, expressly or implicitly any connection or association with the National Bank is decisively outside The National Bank’s control. Therefore, The National Bank accepts no liability for the accuracy, completeness and/or legality of the content of such websites and /or for any offers of products and services contained therein. 
    • We would like to inform you that we are not responsible for any advertisements that may be posted on the internet and/or any other media, identifying bank accounts maintained by the bank’s branches and appealing for donations to be made into these specified accounts for the benefit of parties and/or causes irrespective of the poster of the advertisements and the causes mentioned therein. Consequently, The National Bank clears its responsibility all that is stated herein above.  

Children’s Privacy

We share your concerns regarding your children’s privacy, and therefore, we want to assure you that we do not use our digital services (including the bank’s mobile applications, website and digital service center) to knowingly solicit data from, or market data to, children under the age of 13 without parental consent. We request that children under the age of 13 do not provide personal information through these platforms.

You hereby acknowledge that we may amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice if such notice is not required by law or regulation. We will send you a notice or request for authorization if required by law or regulation. Your continued use of the services after the effective date of such change will constitute your acceptance of and agreement with such amendment(s) whether a prior notice is required or not. We may terminate these services and immediately either refuse to provide, or revoke access to the same at any time with or without cause or prior notice.

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