Personal Loans

Studying aboard? Getting married? Starting your own business? Expecting a lot of purchases?

Don’t let money stop you, and benefit from TNB Personal Loan to achieve these goals easily and comfortably.

Up to $120,000 Loan Amounts

Flexible Loan Repayment Terms up to 84 Months

Convenient collaterals

Personal Loan Features:

  • Financing for up to $120,000
  • A repayment period of up to 84 months
  • An overdraft of up to 4 times of your salary is transferred to The National Bank
  • Special programs for self-employed customers
  • Ability to purchase your liabilities from other banks at low and competitive interest rates
  • Ability to increase loan amount easily
  • Ability to access your loan details at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your loan

What are people asking?

  • A formal pledge to transfer the salaries of the borrowers and their guarantors.
  • A personal identity card for each borrower and their guarantors.
  • An authorization query for the borrowers and their guarantors.
  • A commitment certificate, in cases when the borrower’s commitments are to be purchased from other banks.

Yes, clients can have a maximum of 6 months grace period from the loan payment

Often the interest of personal loans is decrescent, but if the client requests a loan with a fixed interest, the bank will study the client’s credit position and take the decision based on it.

The main guarantee for granting personal loans is salary transfer, but in some cases the possibility of financing without salary transfer is considered.

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