Debit Card

No need to carry your cash around! With TNB Debit Card, your account is with you everywhere at all times.

Access to a Network of Over 700 ATMs in Palestine

$3,000 Daily Limit for ATM Withdrawals

$4,500 Daily Limit for ATM Deposits

TNB Debit Card Features:

  • This card is issued for your current and saving accounts in different currencies 
  • May be used for purchases at point of sale (POS) locally and internationally
  • May be used internationally and locally via an extensive network of ATMs operating under the MasterCard logo
  • Microchip-embedded cards for advanced security
  • Ability to activate Cardless service, which enables you to use TNB ATM network without a debit card in the case that you forget your card
  • Free SMS alerts to your mobile number for all card transactions, immediately following any purchase or withdrawal
  • Ability to request subsidiary cards connected to the same account for immediate family members
  • Valid for4 years from the date of issuance
  • Ability to access your card details at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking 
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your card

TNB Debit Card Uses:

  • The card is accepted by more than 700 ATMs for different banks in Palestine that are part of the National Switch Service 194, without any commissions 
  • The daily maximum withdrawal limit is $3,000 or the equivalent amount in other currencies
  • This card is accepted for point of sales of over 5,000 stores in Palestine, in addition to stores worldwide
  • Transactions are deducted from the customer’s account as they take place

What are people asking?

This card is issued free of charge once any type of savings or current account is opened at The National Bank

  • Using TNB ATMs to withdraw and deposit the account
  • Using all ATMs of other banks bearing the slogan (National Key) to withdraw from the account without any additional commissions
  • Direct purchase through the card at all points of sale in Palestine and around the world

Some websites accept payment through debit card, but it is not recommended to use for online shopping, because the card does not contain a purchase ceiling and therefore all account balance is exposed to theft once the card is hacked.

TNB Debit Card

Over 700 ATMs in Palestine
at your service with ZERO commissions!

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