TNB Mobile Application

The National Bank Mobile Application

TNB in the palm of your hand!

With the new features, TNB Mobile App ensures providing you with a more comfortable and high tech experience safely and securely. You now can carry out your banking transactions and control your accounts anywhere and at any time.


Personal Information

  • View your personal information. Request a change of address. Update your email address.
  • View your balances and accounts and get a summary of your transactions.
  • View the transaction history and descriptions, and check your debit and credit.
  • View an account statement spanning a period ofup to three months.
  • View the deposit balance, the deposit period and the due date.
  • You can also place a time deposit through TNB Mobile.
  • View the loan balance. Get a schedule of loan payments. Apply for a loan through TNB Mobile.
Cheque books
  • View details of checks in clearance and post-dated checks.
  • Request a new checkbook.
  • View the status of a client's check (cashed; suspended; returned).
Money Transfer
  • Transfer funds between your accounts.
  • Transfer funds to other account holders at The National Bank.
  • Transfer funds to other account holders in other banks.
Credit Cards 
  • Apply for a credit card; stop or cancel a current one.
  • Settle your Credit Card due payment, used balance or make an in-advance payment
Other Features
  • Make a Standing Order between your TNB accounts 
  • Learn about bank guarantees and letters of credit.
  • Speak with the bank's customer service through the Comments section.
  • Get information about credit interest rates.
  • Become paperless and save your notifications on your own computer.
Your Security is Our Priority
Rest assured that The National Bank will never contact you by phone, SMS, or email to ask for the following:
  1. To verify your password or PIN code.
  2. To ask for some of your PIN code's entries.
We ask you not to share any information related to the details of your account with any person and to immediately notify the bank if you receive any message asking for such information.
You can download TNB Mobile App through: