Watan Investment Company (WatanInvest)

WatanInvest is Palestine’s leading investment company providing a wide range of investment and financial services to private individuals and corporate clients. With headquarters in Palestine, WatanInvest provides innovative, integrated financial advisory services across all sectors to enable investors to realize their strategic goals.

Offering a broad portfolio of products and services, including Shariah-compliant ones, our dynamic advisory practice supports clients through all phases of the business cycle with expert capabilities in mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization and restructuring, capital markets and financial institution advisory services.

WatanInvest manages accounts for many of Palestine’s largest companies and has participated since the late 1990’s in some of the country’s largest marque transactions, including the management of bond issues and initial public offerings (IPOs) for the Palestine Electric Company and the Palestine Mortgage and Housing Corporation, as well as working on infrastructure projects in co-operation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG).

Uniquely positioned to navigate the politically and commercially challenging environment of Palestine, WatanInvest offers in-depth local knowledge and experience, coupled with global connectivity through a tried and tested network of regional and international alliances. When partnering with WatanInvest, clients can expect significant, hands-on engagement with veteran deal makers, first-class transaction execution and the highest standard of confidentiality and discretion. Our aim is always to deliver more for our clients and never to compromise our vision or values.

Committed to integrity and transparency, WatanInvest maintains high regulatory compliance with local and international laws. 

Over 20 years of integrity, commitment and innovation

With a legacy dating back to 1997, WatanInvest was established as a partnership between a group of regional and global investors, including Arab Bank, IFC, DEG, and the Enterprise Investment Company. Formerly known as the Arab Palestinian Investment Bank (APIB), WatanInvest became a wholly-owned subsidiary of The National Bank following the merger of APIB and Al Rafah Microfinance Bank and continues to promote and capitalize on the significant investment opportunities in Palestine.

What We Offer

WatanInvest offers a wide range of investment and financial services and solutions to corporates and personal clients. We seek to structure innovative and effective solutions for family-owned businesses and always leverage our extensive regional and global networks to deliver the best solutions across industries and products.  Our investment banking services also comprise consultancy and advisory services in relation to Shariah-compliant fund raising, asset management, and financial and corporate restructuring.  Our experienced, knowledgeable team will create an investment strategy to suit your needs.

  • Investment Banking & Capital Markets
    WatanInvest’s Investment Banking & Capital Markets division offers a broad range of investment banking products and services which include advisory services related to M&A, divestitures as well as debt and equity offerings.  
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    WatanInvest's leading M&A franchise supports a broad range of corporates and institutions in their strategic decision-making process. Our M&A team has extensive expertise in M&A and complex transactions. Our offerings include advice on acquisitions, corporate sales, mergers, spin-offs, divestitures, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts, and recapitalizations. Complex or straightforward, WatanInvest’s team has the knowledge and ability to shape the right financing solution for our clients. The longstanding relationships with the private equity and financial sponsor communities that we have developed over the years continue to benefit our clients.
  • Equity & Debt Capital Markets
    Our clients rely on WatanInvest’s seasoned capital markets specialists to provide advice and design equity and debt solutions that suit distinctive needs. Guiding our clients through the intricacies of equity and debt capital markets, we provide access to capital in multiple products and currencies.
  • Equity Capital Markets
    The Equity Capital Markets team oversees WatanInvest's activities in the primary equity markets. The team provides support in the origination of primary market transactions and manages the structuring, syndication, marketing and distribution of these transactions. The team also assists clients with both pre-and post-transaction communications, helping our clients succeed in the most challenging market conditions. Our offering ranges from large IPOs and secondary placements to smaller public transactions and private placements. 
  • Debt Capital Markets
    As a leading counterparty, the Debt Capital Market’s team advises fixed income issuers on a range of transactions from plain vanilla financings to sukuks, structured finance and hedging. WatanInvest is also a leading provider of committed financing, including bridge and mezzanine finance. 
  • Investment research
    Timely, objective, high-quality research is the foundation for WatanInvest’s investment research. Our analysts are committed to prioritizing clients' needs by applying the right research instruments to deliver clear insights and ideas. Combined expertise and resources enable us to deliver distinct equity, fixed income, and macroeconomic coverage with leading content and solutions. WatanInvest’s financial strength and stability let us commit to continued coverage for the clients who rely on us.
  • Sales & trading
    WatanInvest offers clients a range of sales and trading services. Whatever our clients' investment and trading strategies, WatanInvest helps them to engage effectively with the local, regional, and international markets.
  • Asset Management
    WatanInvest Asset Management offers a range of investment products and functions across asset classes and investment styles. These include global and regional portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles for institutions, corporations and individuals.
    WatanInvest’s equity investment specialists offer deep expertise and a range of strategies to meet the changing needs of clients. These include a broad selection of products ranging from passive indexing to actively managed long and long/short equity products, with the goal of outperforming their respective benchmarks. A strong institutional setup focused on customized investment solutions enables us to meet our clients’ specific investment needs and to optimize the expected risk/return ratio. We aim to deliver predictable outcomes in an increasingly changeable and challenging world. 
    WatanInvest Asset Management is an active fixed income and currency manager providing innovative, customized access to a global fixed income universe. We have committed significant resources to our fixed income capabilities regionally and globally, now covering an array of developed- and emerging-market debt as well as investment and noninvestment-grade ratings. Through public funds, segregated accounts, and private-label funds, we provide access to investment solutions that can be tailored to fully meet specific client needs.

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