Current Account

Welcome to the world of business banking at TNB. Join hundreds of companies and benefit from TNB business banking services that suit the specific needs of your business, and gain access to a team of professionals available to assist you in taking care of your daily financial needs efficiently and quickly!

Current Account Features: 

  • Available in all currencies 
  • Preferential rates for account management fees
  • Free debit card 
  • Preferential rates for local cheque deposits “current and future”
  • Regular and carbon copy cheques with competitive rates, in addition to carbon copy cheques in all sizes and shapes (Commercial, Normal) with competitive prices
  • Free text alerts for each transaction on your account
  • Free of charge fax correspondence and regular mails
  • Ability to pay utility bills (water, electricity, telecommunications and internet services) electronically and periodically
  • Ability to access and manage your business account at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking 
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your business account

What are people asking?

The bank and the company agree to deal with one delegate person from the company, who will be responsible for submitting any bank requests, such as: check book, credit card, etc. 

Usually this authorized person is the company manager, chief financial officer, or accountant in small business situations.

And the bank will check any request submitted by the delegate person shall be examined according to the company's credit standing.

The card is given to the delegate person and he is responsible for the card transaction such as deposits and withdrawals. and the card could be used by anyone from the company have the card and the security code. 

To facilitate the process of requesting bank transactions, the company delegate can send the transaction or order wants to implement via fax, such as: requesting a check book or sending a transfer, and then the bank employee will carry out the required movement. 

The commercial check book is specially designed for business according to each company needs and the nature of work, it is possible to add the company logo, or a carbon paper under each paper issued, or any other documents the company needs.

*There is an additional special price for issuing this type of checkbook

TNB Debit Card

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