MasterCard Silver

Is TNB MasterCard Silver the right card for you?

No need to carry cash around! TNB MasterCard Silver allows you to shop unlimitedly, 24/7 and from anywhere around the world!

Use your card for shopping, drawing cash from any ATM or on any point of sale or online locally or internationally!

 $3,000 Cap Limit

%2 - 100% Monthly Repayment

$200 Online Cap Limit Eligible for Increase

TNB MasterCard Silver Features:

  • Free card issue 
  • A cap limit that suits your need for up to $3,000
  • Online cap limit for up to $200, eligible for increase at any time
  • Flexible payment terms from 2% - 100% of the drawn balance
  • Ability to withdraw cash from any ATM around the world that has MasterCard logo
  • Ability to purchase products and services easily through point of sales worldwide
  • Free SMS alerts to your mobile number for all card transactions, immediately following any purchase or withdrawal
  • Flexible guarantees and does not require salary transfer
  • Ability to request supplementary cards for immediate relatives that contribute to the overall cap limit, or have separate limits per card
  • Microchip-embedded cards for advanced security
  • Ability to access your card details at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking 
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your card

3D Secure Feature

The triple protection system has been applied and activated on all TNB’s MasterCard credit cards, which enhance the data protection of each card when shopping online through e-commerce websites. 

  • The triple protection system guarantees customers the necessary data protection when using their credit cards via the internet, by providing them with a one-time password or a secure code for each transaction via their registered mobile number with the bank (connected to your credit card)
  • The objective of the secure code is to confirm the identity of the customer and that they are the owner of the card from their issuing bank and the card entity
  • This system provides a more secure online shopping experience and reduces the possibility of theft and fraud of the card information and data 
  • This service is offered for TNB clients free of charge.

To benefit from this service

  • Activate the online purchase services on MasterCard credit cards
  • In the case that the website has a secure shopping service, you will be presented with a screen indicating the secure number that you will receive on your registered mobile number with the bank
  • Enter this secure number per the website’s instructions

Reward application

TNB Rewards Application 2

For any of TNB’s credit cards, download TNB Rewards Mobile application to collect reward point for every use of the card for any POS purchase and any online shopping transaction. Redeem your points at any time via our digital channels and without the need to visit your branch. 

Redemption options include:

  • Pay with points option: use earned points to pay for any local and regional POS, e-Commerce and cash withdrawal through ATMs
  • Issue and reload a virtual prepaid card
  • Transfer points and manage beneficiaries 
  • Online cashback to card account
  • In the case of owning multiple TNB credit cards, you will earn points on each card separately and you can consolidate the points from all cards 
TNB Rewards Application

TNB Rewards Application offers an additional variety of exciting features that are flexible and easy to use:

  • Login with finger print
  • Points inquiry and management
  • Points calculator for earned and redeemed transactions
  • Home / Dashboard
  • Points statement and transaction control
  • Alters to update points count upon each use of the card

You can download TNB Rewards Mobile Application on your smart phone via App Store or Google Play Store and follow a simple-step process to register using your phone number and credit card number, then securely set your login credentials and save your fingerprint to easily access the application later.

What are people asking?

Yes, you can safely purchase through this card from online local and international websites.

Yes, the card can be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs

Yes, the clients can pay all their purchases directly through the card, and they can install the purchase payments over multiple periods according to the client's need.

Yes, there is a subscription commission and a card renewal commission that is deducted once a year

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