Do you find yourself in a need for financing to help you facilitate your short term obligations? 

Choosing the overdraft account is the correct decision, which allows you to receive a sum of money after your account balance ends, for up to 4 times of your transferred salary. The only guarantee you need is to transfer your salary to the National Bank. 

Apply for an overdraft on your account at TNB, and receive the amount you need quickly and with competitive interest rates and benefits! 

What are people asking?

  • Salary transferred to The National Bank
  • Or a current account

(In this case the bank will check the  credit status of the client before accepting to grant any financial facility)

4 times of the client’s salary that transferred to The National Bank

Although it’s known an overdraft account, but this service is classified under loans, and it is considered as a credit to the customer and he must repay it to the bank.

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