Term Deposit Account

We know that managing your business is faced with a lot of economic challenges, but what can help you go through them are extra savings that will benefit your company in emergencies.

The fixed term deposit account allows you to save extra amounts for a specific period of time, in return for an interest determined based on the amount and duration of the term deposit.

Fixed Term Deposit Account Features:

  • Available in all currencies 
  • The highest return rate on your deposits in Palestine
  • Flexibility to choose terms ranging from one week to five years
  • Ability to have the interest rate deposited in your account or transferred to another at the maturity date
  • The opportunity for monthly interest payments if the account term exceeds one year
  • Ability to enjoy a variety of facilities, using the deposit amount as collateral
  • A free-of-charge MasterCard for the first year
  • Ability to access and manage your account at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking 
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your account

What are people asking?

All accounts can be opened in the following currencies:
Israeli Shekel, Jordanian Dinar, US Dollar.

deposit accounts are not subject to any commissions or interest.

There is no minimum amount to open a deposit account, but to achieve a greater return it is recommended to open a deposit with at least $1,000

In this case, the client does not receive the full amount of return that previously agreed upon, but the bank make a financial equation depends on the size of the deposit and the time period that was linked.

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