Request Cheque Book

No need to visit your branch every time you want to request a new cheque book!

TNB offers the first service of its kind in Palestine, that allows you to order a new cheque book through TNB Online Banking and Mobile Banking, and receive an immediate response to your request without needing to visit your branch.

Request a New Cheque Book Service Benefits:

  • The service is fully automated and does not require any human intervention to study the request and respond to it
  • The client’s classification will be checked by the Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA) through a link between the bank and the PMA’s systems
  • The response to the request with rejection or acceptance will be immediate, according to the client’s eligibility and classification in the bank and PMA systems 
  • A text message (SMS) will be sent to your mobile number once the cheque book is ready to collect at your selected branch 

To request a cheque book via TNB Online Banking, click here

To request a cheque book through the TNB Mobile app, click here

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