Khotwati Saving Account

The main concern of each father, mother or guardian is to secure the best living conditions for their children – who remain the center of their attention at every stage of their lives.
To address the parents’ / guardians’ desire to secure a better future for their children, TNB offers the Children’s Saving Account “Khotwati”, which is designed specifically to encourage fathers, mothers or legal guardians to save for their children from the age of one day – 17 years. “Khotwati” represents a secure option that encourages you to regularly save whatever you can save today so that your children can enjoy a better tomorrow.
Khotwati Saving Account:
  • Khotwati Saving Account is designed for children from the age of one day and until 17 years
  • The account has to be opened by the child’s father, mother or legal guardian
  • The account offers an instant gift for your child upon opening the account
  • There is no minimum amount required to open the account or enter any draws on prizes for any campaigns related to saving accounts
  • Khotwati Saving Account is not subject to commissions
  • Khotwati Saving Account is not subject to interest
  • A current account is not required to open Khotwati Saving Account
  • The father / mother/ legal guardian can benefit from a number of electronic services to keep track of their children’s account (e-banking, SMS, etc.)
  • The father / mother / legal guardian can benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about their children’s saving account 
  • TNB current clients can open a Saving Account for their children directly through contacting TNB Digital Service Center and without the need to visit the branch. New clients interested in opening an account for their children should contact the center to inquire about the process
  • The ability to issue a standing order from the father’s / mother’s / legal guardian’s account to the Child’s account upon request