Cardless Service

Imagine this, you’re in front of your ATM, ready to get some transactions done to move forward with your busy day, and you realise you forgot your debit card! Annoying right?

Not anymore! Cardless service, the first of its kind in Palestine, allows TNB clients to complete the simple banking transactions facilitated by TNB’s ATM machines, without their debit card and free of charge (in case they forget their card and / or need to use the ATM urgently without their card).

Cardless Service Benefits:

  • Ability to use TNB’s network of ATMs without the need to carry your debit card
  • Ability to complete all banking transactions facilitated by TNB ATM machines such as balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, cash deposit in ATMs that accept deposit, mini bank statement request and money transfer between accounts

Terms of using Cardless Service:

Any TNB client can activate / deactivate this service through TNB Digital Service CenterTNB Online Banking, or TNB Mobile Banking

How to use Cardless? 

  1. Activate this service by contacting TNB Digital Service Center or visiting your branch 
  2. Look for Cardless icon on TNB ATM machines, which indicate that this service is available for this ATM
  3. Press any of the ATM buttons to start
  4. Choose the preferred language
  5. A screen will appear requesting you to enter your mobile number that is registered with TNB
  6. Press Confirm after confirming the number entered
  7. After matching the mobile number you entered with the number registered with TNB, you will receive a text message which includes a one-time code (OTC), which you have to enter on the screen
  8. After entering the correct code, choose the debit card that you wish to use in case you have more than one debit card
  9. Enter your debit card PIN 
  10. Now, you can complete all transactions available via TNB ATMs 
TNB Debit Card

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