Hayati Savings Account

Hayati Saving Account
The Hayati savings account is designed with saving in mind, helping you guarantee your future and helping you fulfil your personal needs, including shopping, travel or investment. The savings account features year-round campaigns with the chance to win valuable prizes such as gold coins, diamond sets and grand prizes including a home, a car and your salary for 20 years.
* When opening a new savings account, The National Bank will donate $1 to Dunya Women's Cancer Center 
Campaign Details
  • Targeted Group
    Women customers, individually or joint with minors. 
  • Beneficiaries from Saving Withdrawals
    New and existing Hayati savings accounts with a minimum balance of $300, JD250 or 1200 shekels.
  • Potential for Winning / Entering the Draw
    Any account with a minimum of $300, JD250 or 1200 shekels offer an opportunity to win. Every additional $100, JD70 or 400 shekels you an additional opportunity to enter the draw.  
Rules and Conditions
  • The money should remain in the account for a minimum of seven days to be eligible for the drawing.
  • There is age limit for participating in the campaign.
  • There is no credit interest on Hayati savings accounts.
  • Customers can withdraw from the program and close the Women Savings Account, transferring any money to a current account. Money may be withdrawn at any time, without incurring any penalties. 
Campaign Rewards
  • The grand prize is an apartment in the customer's area of residence, in addition to a monthly salary of $500 for a period of 20 years, and a car.
  • The drawing on the grand prize will take place in July 2018.
  • Ten ounces of gold (one ounce per month for one winner).
  • Diamond jewelry set.