Hayati Savings Account

Hayati Savings Account is designed for Palestinian women of all ages and professions, with the aim of providing a safe place to save, that encourages you to save what you can today, and frequently, to find it tomorrow when you need it.

Designed for Palestinian Women Only

Not Subject to Fees or Interests

No Minimum Amount to Open Hayati Saving Account

Hayati Savings Account Features:

  • All age groups are eligible to benefit from Hayati Saving Account
  • Hayati Savings Account is not subject to commissions
  • Hayati Savings Account is not subject to interest
  • A current account is not required to open Hayati Savings Account
  • Even though the saving account is created to encourage you to save, you can still draw money from your saving account through TNB branches or ATM network (through your ATM card) when needed
  • Upon opening a Savings Account, you can benefit from a number of electronic services to keep track of your account (ATM debit card, e-banking, SMS, etc.)
  • Ability to access and manage your account at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your account

What are people asking?

All women age groups can open Hayati saving account

Yes, anyone with a savings account can issue a debit card for free and use ATMs to withdraw and deposit through it

All accounts can be opened in the following currencies:
Israeli Shekel, Jordanian Dinar, US Dollar, European Euro.

Savings accounts are not subject to any commissions or interest.

No, but all savings accounts enter into savings campaign withdrawals (when available)

TNB Debit Card

Over 700 ATMs in Palestine
at your service with ZERO commissions!

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