Online Banking

The National Bank offers you the "TNB Online" internet banking service, which provides you with a unique digital banking experience, with a modern design and various banking features, in order to facilitate the completion of your banking transactions online quickly and smoothly, in addition to controlling your bank accounts from anywhere and at any time, without The need to visit branches, along with the highest standards of security and privacy
Service benefits
 “TNB Online” the Internet Banking Service allows you to view:
Your personal information
  • View your personal information, such as: phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail, and address.
  • The ability to update your personal information, in addition to changing the e-mail and password for the service immediately
  • View the balances of all types of your accounts (current accounts, savings accounts, and deposit accounts)
  • View a summary of your accounts transactions such as: transaction history, transaction description, transaction balance, including credit and debit
  • Obtaining an account statement for the period, amount, or number of transactions you want, and the ability to download the account statement in Excel or PDF format
  • Knowing the IBAN number for each of your accounts
  • Checking the deposit balance, the link period, and the due date
  • Linking the deposit through the service
  • Checking the loan balance and the loan repayment percentage
  • See all loan payments information such as serial number of payments, due date for payments, interest rate, capital, date of payments made, loan balance remaining for payment
  • Ability to download a summary of loan payments in Excel or PDF format
  • View the status of your checks related to your different accounts (expense, suspended, refunded)
  • Obtaining the details of clearing checks and post-dated checks
  • Request to obtain a new check book and receive an immediate response to the request for any of your current accounts
  • Transfer funds between your accounts at The National Bank
  • Transfer funds to the accounts of other clients at The National Bank
  • Transfer funds to other clients' accounts in local banks
  • Transfer funds to other clients' accounts in international banks
  • The ability to control when the transfer is paid, either periodically or immediately, and for one time only
  • The possibility of identifying beneficiaries of remittances and saving their information for transferring them periodically
Credit cards
  • Submit a request to obtain a card or suspend or cancel existing cards
  • Paying due payments, down payment, or the utilized balance on the card

E- payment: 

  • Pay a bill due for internet, electricity, water and other services.
  • Charge mobile phone balance
  • Charge the e-wallets (Jawwal Pay)
  • View a summary of your previous payments
Other properties
  • Activate the auto payment service for Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) bills
  • Activate the service of obtaining a periodic account statement on the e-mail
  • Activating the Cardless Debit Card service, which enables you to use an ATM without having this card with you
  • The possibility of direct communication with the digital customer service staff
  • View currency exchange rates
  • Log in to the service for customers benefiting from this service for the first time by entering personal information or direct payment card information without the need to visit the branches
 For any inquiries about the service and how to register or access it, you can contact our employees directly at the Digital Customer Service Center through the following channels:
And remember that The National Bank will never contact you, whether by phone or via SMS, or through e-mail or mobile banking application to request the following:
  • Username and / or password for your TNB Online account
  • Request the PIN code on the back of the direct payment or credit cards
For this reason, please refuse to give any information related to your account details to anyone, and inform the bank immediately if you receive such messages.
To visit TNB Online Service, click here
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