Gender Financial Inclusion

The National Bank has sought to contribute to the financial inclusion of Palestinian women since 2015, and has released its first specialized product, offering free-interest rate loan funding to women-led SMEs for a total sum of USD3.5 million. The National Bank has worked tirelessly to raise awareness on banking services among this vast segment of the community, with a focus on Palestinian suburbs and underserved areas.

The National Bank succeeded in raising the number of accounts held by women constituting 35.5% of its total clients at year-end 2019, while women-held savings accounts at TNB made 64% of the total savers. Whereas the ratio of female savers in Palestine recorded 6.4% only. 

In terms of MSME loans, TNB female borrowers recorded 25% from the portfolio at year-end 2019, compared to 4% only in the country. 

TNB Gender financial inclusion ratios:  

YearFemale Current AccountsFemale Savings AccountsFemale MSMEs loansFemale Clients
Gender Financial inclusion ratios in Palestine


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