The National Bank signs a cooperation agreement with The Palestinian Farmers’ Union


TNB signed a cooperation agreement with the Palestinian Farmers’ Union(PFU), in the Bank’s Headquarters in Ramallah. Through this agreement, TNB ensures providing The Palestinian Famers’ Union with financial facilities, which include loans for agricultural projects and livestock.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Osama Hirzallah the Deputy General Manager of TNB, and Mr. Ibrahim Dueiq the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PFU, in the presence of several managers from both sides.

Mr. Hirzallah said that this agreement comes in line with TNB’s big support for the Palestinian agricultural sector, for its important role in developing the Palestinian economy, pointing that there’s a large horizon in front of the agriculture in Palestine that must be utilized correctly and developed towards enhancing an important sector in the Palestinian society. On the other hand, Mr. Duaiq thanked TNB and expressed his happiness for the facilities provided.

TNB is the largest bank in Palestine in terms of growth rates in deposits and credit facilities; it is active now through 6 branches which extend throughout the West Bank, and will expand by opening new branches in the near future to provide the finest financial services reaching the largest segments in the Palestinian society.