TNB hands over scholarships certificates to winners

The National Bank (TNB), has unveiled the winners of its campaign for supporting Mohammad Assaf. 6 lucky students who had the highest number of ballots for the Palestinian Arab Idol, won scholarships to continue their education in Palestinian universities.

Ghayda Ayesh, Sundos Alashqar, Wala’ Shaheen, Asma’ Jaber, Fatmeh Alfarra and Zeinab Musleh, have all taken home certificates from TNB that ensure them to continue their education on TNB’s expenses. Members of the bank’s top management team were present to hand over the certificates.

The campaign aimed to encourage students to vote for the Palestinian contestant in the TV talent show “Arab Idol”,who got the crown with their intensive support. TNB believes that its campaign for supporting Mohammad Assaf was different, and its goals don’t end by the end of the TV show, but it encourages students to seek developing their education.

Along with TNB’s growth, CSR is becoming one of the bank’s priorities to serve the Palestinian society through sustainable development projects.

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