The National Bank Introduces the First Digital Service Center in the Middle East



The National Bank (“TNB”) announced today the launch of the first Digital Service Center of its kind in the Middle East, which allows the banks customers and the public to communicate with the Customer Service staff directly via social media platforms. The system allows multi agents to use the same social platforms to answer inquiries, provide services as well as collect and analyze the data to enhance the customer experience.

The system connects Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and Instant Messaging all in one place; Skype and Twitter will soon be added as well.  TNB’s customers will enjoy the convenience and efficiency provided by the new Digital Service Center.

TNB General Manager, Ahmad Hajhasan, said that “we are very proud to be the first bank in the Middle East to offer such a high tech service to our customers and the public, in line with our strategic plan to roll out digital services and solutions to the banking sector in Palestine”.

He pointed out that the Digital Service Center doesnot depend on Chatbotsalthough the platform has this option, noting that it depends on human interaction, which gives the Digital Service Center a human touch and more personalized answers.

Hajhasan also explained that international studies show that 1 out of 3 clients prefer to use social media platforms,rather than the traditional ways, to receive answers to their customer service inquiries.

He also commented that“Launching our Digital Service Center today is only one step in our digital transformation journey.” ”Last year we upgraded our core banking system to Temenos T24, one of the most advanced systems worldwide, in order to support our growth;  the system is our strategic platform upon which we will develop a bundle of modern and advanced banking services.” Hajhassan added that TNB’s Board of Directors puts digitization as a top, strategic priority.

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