TNB participates in EBRD’s 30th Annual Meeting and Business Forum

The National Bank (TNB) represented by its Vice Chairman, Omar Masri, is participating in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) 30th Annual Meeting and Business Forum. The virtual sessions extend for 5 days and are attended by EBRD’s Board of Governors, high level government officials, leading executives, bankers, economists, and businesspeople from around the world.  
Under the theme “Building Back Better Economies”, the sessions are focusing on the economic recovery after the coronavirus pandemic as well as building resilient and sustainable economies that are green, inclusive and embrace digital transition. 
Commenting on this, Mr. Masri congratulated EBRD on their 30th anniversary and added, “we are honored to be invited by EBRD to participate in this timely event. Over the years, EBRD has provided TNB with strategic, technical assistance to which we are grateful. This event will offer us the opportunity to learn from shared global experiences in combating Covid-19 and learn more about building a sustainable economy with a focus on environment, inclusion and digital transformation, which is in line with TNB’s vision.”  
TNB’s relationship with EBRD began in 2018. The two institutions have collaborated on supporting the SME sector and foreign trade in Palestine through loan agreements with a total sum of USD 16 million. The recently signed USD 10 million agreement between EBRD and TNB focuses on supporting the resilience of small and medium businesses in Palestine against Covid-19.  

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