TNB & the French Government sign a cooperation agreement


TNB signed a cooperation agreement with the French Government, which is known as “the French Grant” to finance enterprises for the Palestinian private sector. The agreement was signed by Ahmad Alhaj Hasan, General Manager of TNB and Mr. Fredric Desagueaux , the French Consul General, in the presence of Dr. Jawad Alnaji, the Minister of National Economy and Dr. Samir Hazboun the Chairman of Bethlehem Multidisciplinary Industrial Park.

The French Grant covers 35% of the bank loan for starting or developing enterprises in Palestine, and is only given for purchasing French equipments and services. TNB from its part will cover the remaining percentage as a loan. The grant finances enterprises up to 500 Thousand Euros.

Ahmad Alhaj Hasan, showed his delight for TNB’s cooperation with the French Government, declaring that this grant will definitely courage Palestinians to invest in their homeland, and on the other hand it improves  their income and contributes in developing the Palestinian National economy , thanking the French government on its role for supporting the Palestinian economy. The grant aims to develop the Palestinian private sector and seeks to create new partnerships and job opportunities. The grant covers all economic sectors such as Tourism, Health, environment, IT and Agriculture.