The National Bank Announces the Third Winner as Part of Hayati Savings Account


The National Bank (“TNB”) has announced the winner of the third drawing of the bank’s Hayati savings account. Wijdan Ruzmah, who banks at Al- Maidan branch, won the monthly prize of an ounce of gold, which was presented to her at the bank’s headquarters by TNB Middle District Branches Manager Nimer Duwani.

At the ceremony, Duwani congratulated Ruzmah on her win, and urged other Hayati account holders to increase their chances of winning by depositing funds in their savings accounts. The end of December marks the deadline to enter a draw to win a stunning diamond set. He went on to highlight the importance of savings accounts, which help women and their families achieve financial security. Duwani spoke of TNB’s Hayati program, created especially for women, encouraging them to save their earnings and empowering them economically. The success of Hayati program has helped empower hundreds of Palestinian women, and has been recognized on both the local and regional levels, and TNB has received two regional awards for its role in this field.

Duwani spoke of the groundbreaking Hayati program and the prizes it presents its account holders, created after extensive research to meet the actual financial needs of Palestinian women the prizes on offer by the Hayati program. He noted that TNB has unveiled an updated and fully integrated Hayati program, which now offers an entire suite of financial services, a wide spectrum of accounts and loans, as well as credit cards, the program includes special benefits, exemptions from commissions and repayment flexibility.

In August 2018, TNB will hold a draw for its grand prize, which consists of a home, a car and a monthly salary for 20 years, to be won by one lucky account holder.