The National Bank and the Dunya Women's Cancer Center Organize an Awareness Seminar for the Palestinian Women Police Members

The National Bank (“TNB”), in cooperation with the Dunya Women's Cancer Center, held a joint awareness seminar for the members of Palestinian women’s police force as part of the Hayati program. This latest workshop was part of a series of sessions that aim to spread awareness about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer as well as the methods of diagnosis and prevention. TNB also gave banking literacy to the attendees to introduce the services provided by the bank, with a focus on the facilities given to women, aiming to increase the methods of financial empowerment among Palestinian women.

The seminar, which was held at TNB’s headquarters in Ramallah, was chaired by Medical and Administrative Manager of Dunya Women's Cancer Center Dr. Nufuz Maslamani and Director of the Gender Unit in the Palestinian Police Major Wafa' Al-Hussein, as well as TNB Head of Public Relations Reem Anani.

At the seminar, Anani praised the role played by Palestine’s police force in providing security and protection to the country’s citizens, ensuring the rule of law. She also highlighted the role of Palestinian police women in protecting citizens, noting that they are perfect examples of strength and capability, with the ability to compete with men in all professions and fields. She emphasized TNB’s role as a pioneer in the field of women empowerment, launching the first savings account for Palestinian women in particular, as well as developing the first integrated banking program for Palestinian women. These efforts stem from the bank’s conviction in the importance of empowering women economically and providing financial services that fulfill their genuine needs.  

Major Al-Hussein welcomed the cooperation between the Palestinian police force, TNB, and Dunya Women's Cancer Center through these awareness seminars, noting the importance of extending them to include the police institutions throughout the country. Major Al-Hussein pointed out that there are joint crossing points connecting the security, awareness and empowerment of women in society, affirming that safety is the responsibility of each citizen, and stressing that there is no development without security, and no security without development.

Dr. Maslamani welcomed the audience, affirming that health is the foundation for a productive and giving person and that a healthy woman is one who can offer more. She stressed that a woman's health reflects on her productive abilities and her role in the community, and went on to address the importance of early detection of breast cancer. She offered participants the ways in protecting oneself from the disease, as well as the importance of periodic tests to avoid late detection. Dr. Maslamani revealed that every 15 minutes around the world, a woman dies of breast cancer, and emphasized that cure rates in the cases of early detection can reach as high as 98 percent. Dr. Maslamani also conducted a presentation about the numerous tests carried out by the center at the highest international standards in order to diagnose the disease. She went on to explain symptoms and offered participants protective advice.

TNB and Dunya Women's Cancer Center have won regional awards for their role in empowering women, each in their area of specialization. TNB was recognized as the best female empowerment bank in the Middle East through Hayati program, while Dunya Women's Cancer Center won the Islamic Development Bank's award for women's contribution in development.

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