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IBAN – International Bank Account Number, is an international number for your bank account (not a new account number), used in bank transfers from a person or company to another beneficiary between local or international banks. Note that in the case of internal transfers (a transfer between bank accounts within the same bank), the IBAN is not required and the main account number is used instead.

The IBAN number in Palestine consists of 29 digits, including the client’s account number in addition to some numbers and characters:

  • Country Symbol “PS”
  • 2 Digits required to validate the account 
  • The bank’s code “TNBC”
  • Currency, branch code, and account number (which appears in the right part of the IBAN number)

Iban Generator

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The Sub Account number is typically 000 unless you have previously requested the opening of multiple accounts with different Sub Account numbers.

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