TNB reveals “Hayati” second grand prize winner

Hayati prize

The National Bank “TNB”, announced today the second grand prize (a house and a monthly salary for 20 years) draw result within the first Palestinian women savings program "Hayati," which was awarded to Mr. Mousa Rahal from Bethlehem. Since the program is designed for women, Mr. Rahal granted the prize to his daughter Nadine.

"This was a big surprise for me!” Rahal stated, “ I participated in the program a year ago because I believe in the value behind it; I’m a father of 3 daughters who are in college at the same time and education expenses are very high, I saw hope in “Hayati” program which contributes towards empowering women, and ensures them a virtuous life."

Rahal continuous: “I chose Nadine to win the prize because she’s special to me, and since she has a special medical condition. I thank God for this prize that will change Nadine’s life and I really thank TNB for developing this one of a kind program.”

Chief Executive Officer of TNB, Ahmad Hajhasan commented:” Due to the remarkable success of “Hayati” Women Savings Program, it will remain constant. The new promotional campaign will start within weeks with a broadest range of prizes to address achieving financial security and stability for Palestinian women and empowering them economically.”

HajHasan also highlighted some of the success stories that accompanied the program whether through the grand prizes that have been granted and changed lives of the winning families, or by financing 86 micro projects with a sum of $1.5 million with zero interest rates to establish entrepreneurial projects run and managed by women, these projects contributed directly towards job creation to hundreds of Palestinian youth. Hajhasan also noted the increase in number of the bank’s women clients which serves TNB’s goal in achieving a higher percentage of gender financial inclusion.

HajHasan also pointed out that the program will remain on the social responsibility message it carries; donating $1to Dunya Women Cancer Center for every “Hayati” savings account, to support women in combating breast cancer which is considered the number one disease that threatens women’s lives around the globe.

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