TNB has been a constant supporter for Palestinian women, particularly entrepreneurs who established their own businesses to support their families and contribute in the development of our national economy.

And in celebration of the International Women’s Day this March (2021), TNB chose to support and empower women entrepreneurs by launching Hayati SMEs Campaign, with the objective to finance women-led businesses for up to $100,000 per business, with competitive interest rates and flexible guarantees. TNB allocated a 10 Million USD budget to grant business loans for women-led businesses throughout the duration of the campaign. 
Campaign Details:

  • Granting diminishing-interest loans to women entrepreneurs, and allowing them to use their savings as loan guarantee 
  • Financing the existing businesses’ fixed asset or working capital 
  • Financing all economic sectors, including trade, agriculture, industry, crafts, and others
  • The campaign ends by the end of the budget allocated for funding 

Loan Benefits: 

  • Ability to receive a business loan for up to four times the saving amount of women entrepreneurs and for up to $100,000 per business 
  • Repayment period for up to 72 months
  • Grace period for up to 6 months
  • Without a loan grant commission 
  • Interest rate 6.5% diminishing
  • Loans granted in USD only 
  • Required Guarantee:
  • Savings amounting to 25% of the loan value, deposited in the loan applicant’s savings account until the complete loan repayment. 

*Top 3 businesses will be selected during the program duration, to be exempted from the remaining interest on their loans

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