In line with our policy to provide outstanding services for all segments of society, and in appreciation of the huge role played by teachers and workers in the education sector in general, we have designed and launched the "Qudwati" account; the first of its kind in the banking sector.

"Qudwati" provides you with a number of special benefits that fulfil your different banking needs and requirements.

  • Exemption from the account management commission.
  • Exemption from the salary transfer commission.
  • Obtaining one free checkbook every year.
  • Obtaining a MasterCard credit card with a ceiling of 200% of the salary.
  • Credit facility amounting to 200% of the salary with an interest-free commission payable once a month.
  • A low-interest personal loan for children education.
  • A loan amounting to 10 times the salary without guarantors, to be granted immediately upon submitting the application.
  • Special offers on housing and car loans.
  • Purchase of debts from other banks at low and competitive interest rates.
  • "Qudwati" account benefits are enjoyed by all family members.
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