TNB Savings Account
TNB Savings Account

Everybody Is A Winner!

The National Bank Savings Account is the ideal way to plan a better future for you and your family. With this account, you will receive high annual compounding interests on your savings. Additional features include:

  • No charges, commissions or fees for program administration;
  • Account eligibility for all age groups;
  • A high annual compounding interest rate;
  • Monthly deposit ranges from as little as $5 to a maximum of $10,000;
  • A free life insurance policyupon completion of 12 payment installments;
  • The option for both parents to benefit from the life insurance policy if theyare saving for their children;
  • The option to borrow up to 100% of your savings equivalent, with special rates;
  • The option to earn a free-of-charge MasterCard
  • Minimum participation period of one year and maximum period of 12 years.