Treasury Services

Treasury Services

Enhance your cross-currency treasury potential with our integrated global payments and FX risk management solutions

By combining our intellectual capital and dynamic risk management strategies, we provide extensive range of products and solutions to meet domestic and international cash management and foreign exchange needs. The National Bank’s dynamic trading and sales teams can deliver optimized liquidity management solutions and enhance cross-currency treasury potential to help your business prosper.
Below is a selection of the treasury services that The National Bank offers.

1- Foreign Exchange Desk: Our treasury team is able to accommodate your foreign exchange dealings in major convertible currencies and give immediate and competitive quotes for exchange rates.

2- Derivatives Desk:

The absence of a Palestinian national currency has led to a multi-currency regime, impacting     businesses operating in the Palestinian market with the risk of currency fluctuations. Therefore, and in addition to the Forward Contracts, Currency Swaps and Currency Option, The National Bank has developed innovative customized solutions, based on hedging strategies to minimize this risk and fulfil the customers’ evolving needs

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