Qodwati Account for the Education Sector

A big thank you from the heart to all of our teachers!

Qodwati Current Account by The National Bank is customised to meet the specific banking needs of teachers and all educations sector employees in Palestine, in honour of the noble work they do.

One Free Cheque Book Annually

Low-interest Personal Loans for Children Education

Qodwati Account Benefits Are Offered to All Family Members

Qodwati Account Features:

  • Exemption from account management fees
  • Exemption from salary transfer fees
  • MasterCard credit card with a cap limit of up to 200% of the salary
  • Overdraft of up to 200% of the salary with an interest-free commission payable once a month
  • Loan for up to 10 times the salary without guarantors, to be granted immediately upon submitting the application
  • Special offers on housing and car loans
  • Purchase of liabilities from other banks at low and competitive interest rates
  • Ability to pay utility bills (water, electricity, telecommunications and internet services) electronically and periodically
  • Ability to access and manage your account at any time and from anywhere through TNB Online and Mobile Banking
  • Ability to benefit from TNB Digital Service Center to inquire about your account

What are people asking?

All education sector employees can benefit from the account features once they transferring their salaries to TNB:

  1. Teachers in Schools
  2. Administrators working in schools * (director, deputy director, secretary, etc.)
  3. Technicians and users working in schools * (physician, nurse, sports coach, science or computer lab specialist, mentor, librarian, guard, worker, driver, etc.)
  4. Administrators and employees working in the Ministry of Education

Schools: These include private or government-affiliated schools or UNRWA.

Qudwati account features are similar to current account, so through it clients can obtain all the credit facilities are allowed to be provided for current accounts, such as: obtaining a check book, obtaining an overdraft, and obtaining loans. However, Qudwati account is not subject to any commissions such as the account management commission or the salary transfer commission, which is usually deducted from current accounts.

  • Proof of profession
  • Personal identification
  • Transferring salary to TNB
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