Debit Cards

Debit Cards

The Key To Your Balance

The National Bank’s debit card is an automated tool that works around the clock and throughout the world. It offers customers a wide range of services designed to fulfill all their financial needs. Debit cards may be used at any of the numerous MasterCard automated teller machines (ATMs) and points of sale (POS) available internationally. The benefits of a debit card include:

  • It is issued free of charge;
  • The primary card and any subsidiary cards for immediate family members are issued by The National Bank’s branches;
  • The card may be used internationally and locally via an extensive network of ATMs operating under the MasterCard logo;
  • The card may be used for purchases at points of sale (POS) locally and internationally;
  • The card is accepted, free of charge, at more than 25 of The National Bank ATMs throughout Palestine;
  • The daily maximum withdrawal limit is $1000 or any equivalent amount in other currencies;
  • The card is valid for a period of five years from the date it is issued;
  • Transactions are deducted from the customer’s account as they take place;
  • The card is issued against the customer’s current and saving accounts in different currencies, including Jordanian dinar(JD), United States dollar (USD) and Israeli shekel (ILS), provided there is a current shekel account for each MasterCard debit card.


Safety and Protection

The National Bank’s debit card offers advanced security through:

  • A unique smart micro-chip and secret PIN number; and
  • Short text messages sent to your cell phone, immediately following any purchase or withdrawal transaction.