Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At The National Bank, it is not just what we do that is important, but how we do it. As the fastest-growing bank in the region and the second largest local bank, we have a responsibility to advance Palestinian society, just as we advance.

Consequently, we have made sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) a central tenant of our business and we are an active community partner within Palestine. Since inception, we have implemented multiple CSR initiatives in the areas of education, women’s empowerment, environment, youth, culture, arts, sports, agriculture, health and preserving cultural heritage, allowing us to play a significant role in the development of the Palestinian society.

Furthermore, The National Bank is dedicated to supporting the development of the Palestinian banking industry and economy as a whole. We are proud of the responsible products we have designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Palestinians.

We also believe that knowledge and awareness on services and products we provide are two key ways that can support the development of Palestinian society. As a result, our corporate social responsibility program also contributes to a better understanding of what we offer which helps clients make the right banking choices.


Our sustainable CSR program

The National Bank has developed a sustainable CSR program based on three main pillars;

  • Our responsibility towards the national economy
  • Our responsibility towards environment
  • Our responsibility towards the society


Our responsibility towards the national economy

As a financial institution, The National Bank is committed to developing the national economy through financing various economic sectors such as agriculture, industry, local and international trade, small medium and micro projects which we boast the largest share in the Palestinian banking market, on the other hand The National Bank has signed several agreements with international, Arab and local investors to attract foreign investment to Palestine.

At The National Bank, we understand the needs of various segments within Palestinian society; therefore we have developed a bundle of responsible and specialized lending products and programs focusing on segments that are not financially served well.


Our responsibility towards environment

At The National Bank, we consider protecting the environment as a main pillar in our business and CSR strategies. Therefore, we have created a monitoring system to track the projects we finance to fully meet international standards in protecting environment, preventing pollution, reducing global warming, protecting agricultural lands and natural resources, and supporting renewable energy sources projects.

The National Bank is the first bank to invest in solar energy to cover most of its energy needs through purchasing shares in “Noor Jericho” solar park. Now, the bank uses clean sun energy to power its operations.  

The National Bank has also contributed towards several initiatives and done several campaigns to raise the awareness on protecting the environment.


Our responsibility towards society

Banking Literacy

As a financial institution, we believe it is one of our main duties to educate clients on the services and products we offer, which will help them make the right banking choices. In line with our sustainable CSR program, we also hold regular banking awareness workshops and sessions targeting Palestinian villages and suburbs ensuring a better understanding of what banks offer.

Every year and during March, The National Bank also holds banking awareness activities for children and youth, targeting schools and throwing active learning banking games for children in its branches to spread awareness among the future generation.


The National Bank believes that the main key in developing the society is meeting its present needs without neglecting the needs of the future generations. Therefore, our CSR program is based on sustainability and our contributions are aimed towards establishing projects that help develop the society now and in the future with the maximum benefit for every generation. The National Bank budgets 4% of the annual net profit for social contributions.

Social Sectors we contribute to:


Women’s empowerment


Children and creativity

Developing area “C”



Banking literacy


Voluntary work program

The National Bank has raised the value of volunteering within its staff by creating internal voluntary groups to contribute towards the community in line with its CSR program strategies. In the past years, TNB employees have proved their capabilities as individuals in contributing towards sustainable development of the Palestinian society through several initiatives including: greening and planting lands, helping farmers during harvest seasons, cleaning and sweeping streets of neighborhoods, distributing gifts on orphans during holiday seasons, caring for elderly and much more.