Micro Finance

Microfinance Loans up to $30,000 USD - Individuals:

These loans aim at:

  • Financing productive and income-generating projects that contribute to job creation (farmers, industry, tourism and services)
  • Financing income supporting and enhancing projects such as Family Projects and self employed women projects particularly loans for financing the operational capital
  • Financing seasonal projects (or pre-season)
  • Group lending – aimed at improving the situations of low-income and rural families that lack infrastructure and services
  • Financing personal computer loans
  • improving standard-of-living loans

In seeking to expand our offerings and provide distinguished microfinance project loans services, agreements with several institutions were made:

  • Partners in Sustainable Development Agreement (PSD)
    Under this agreement, the (Netketabi) Campaign was designed for students, granting interest-free loans (with payment period up to 36 months) for laptops purchases
  • Police Housing Agreement
    Financing several housing buildings and villas for the Police Housing Association with the value of US$5 million in Ramallah area
  • KFW Agreement
    Supporting SME projects by financing up to $500,000 USD with a convenient payment period up to 15 years
  • Palestine Poultry Company Agreement
    Providing financing to poultry breeding projects up to $25,000 USD
  • Agreements to finance transportation vehicles with the following companies:
    • United Motors Trade Company UMT (Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda)
    • The Palestinian Motor Company (Hyundai)
    • Arab Motors Trading Company (KIA)
    • Rami Motors (Ford, Mazda)
    • Gargour Trading Company (Mercedes)
  • The Palestinian Consultative Staff (PCS) Agreement – for NGO Development in the Jenin District
    Several agreements were recently signed with the PCS, including financing projects for individuals with special requirements  in Jenin District.

The National Bank provides the ability to adjust the limit of the small project loans, this based on the collateral and risk ratio.

The collaterals in all cases constitute a portion or all of the following options with the savings base being a fundamental part of the collateral:

  • Group collateral
  • Savings collateral
  • Personal collateral
  • Personal assets collateral
  • Salaries transfer (borrower, guarantor)
  • Transferred Salaries guaranteed with a certified Employer’s Commitment-to-Transfer Letter
  • The guarantee of the intermediary party